[htdig] Different location of htdig.conf and htsearch

Wolfram Stumpf (stumpf@rancon.de)
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 16:14:02 +0200

I´ve got the following problem: I´m using one htdig installation for
indexing different sets of servers. I must be possible to search each
set. They don´t have anything in common and it is not requiered to
search in more than one set. I´m using one set of binaries and different
configuration files. I start the tools with the -c
path_to_config/config_file option.
There´s one problem with htsearch. The navigation buttons at the bottom
of the search page($(PREVPAGE) $(PAGELIST) $(NEXTPAGE)) do not work,
because the links bound to the images are wrong. They point at the wrong
configuration file.
Is it possible to tell htsearch, which configuration file it should use?
I already tried the config_dir option in htdig.conf, but this doesn´t

Thanks for answers

        Wolfram Stumpf


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