[htdig] Digging slowdown

Erick Thompson (ethompson@nbr.org)
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 08:45:19 -0700


        I'm running htdig over approx 30 servers. In some limited tests that I've
run, it worked great. However, I've now started the complete dig, and I've
run into a problem. Some pages take forever to download, and the timeout
value has no effect. I have the timeout set to 30 seconds, and I've seen
some pages take 20 minutes. The server responds fine when I load a page
from my browser (on a different system). It looks like the server is
stalling, where the http connection is open, but nothing is coming across
(or data is coming across at a few bytes per sec/min). I came across some
messages about this problem in the archive, but nothing about a solution.
Has anyone fixed this, or have a workaround for it?


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