[htdig] Another thing about ht://Dig in Mac OS

Gabriel Fenteany (fenteany@zk.bwh.harvard.edu)
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 10:41:13 -0400

Here's the exchange between me and Tenon on ht://Dig updates. You can't
just compile ht://Dig for the WebTen minimal virtual Unix environment
(possibly with their free software developer's kit, but I don't have to time
to mess with that), so you're dependent on Tenon's doing the job. They
appear committed, as indicated below. In the future, as the Mac OS X
architecture evolves, we should get the full suppleness of BSD Unix (which
underlies Mac OS X), at least in the Server version of Mac OS X. Now
apparently, there are problems compiling source in Mac OS X Server, as I
understand. In the meantime, Tenon provides the only route for using
ht://Dig in the traditional Mac OS (WebTen), and probably the easiest route
in Mac OS X Server (iTools).

Gabriel Fenteany

My question to Tenon:
>My only question is this: I was using the latest release of ht://Dig (v.
>3.1.3) on the Alpha, and it had some configuration options that are not
>available in the ht://Dig compiled for WebTen. Will new releases of
>ht://Dig compiled for WebTen be made available? Apparently, the next major
>upgrade to ht://Dig, v. 3.2, will include phrase searching and better
>metadata and XML support. So I would indeed be very interested in getting
>updated ht://Dig software for WebTen.

Tenon's answer:
Two comments about this. 1) we are finalizing WebTen 3.0 (which you
would be entitled to at no extra charge), so we may be able to update
ht://Dig for this release; 2) it is our policy to keep as current as
we can with open source and to make updated versions of our software
available at no charge, e.g. new Apache releases, any update that
fixes a security flaw, etc. With the current 2.x WebTen we made
multiple versions of ht://Dig available as we and they evolved.

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