Re: [htdig] Linking statically

Doug (
Tue, 05 Oct 1999 12:32:48 -0700

Lim Swee Tat wrote:
> Hi,
> with reference to my previous posting, I'm wondering if there is a
> posibility that you link the libraries needed by HTDig statically, so as to
> ensure application compatibility.

        You can compile anything statically, just use the -static flag in your
compiler options.

> Will the engine run faster maybe with static links?

        If you have a modern unix system it will probably run slower due to memory
allocation issues, however if you also use a lot of fancy compiler options
to inline your functions you may gain a speed advantage. The best thing
anyone can tell you is to try the different options for yourself, measure
your results and post if you find anything interesting. There are way too
many variables to insure one "best" answer here.

Good luck,


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