Re: [htdig] Info. on ht://Dig w/ Tenon's WebTen

Geoff Hutchison (
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 00:37:36 -0500

At 10:50 PM -0400 10/3/99, Gabriel Fenteany wrote:
>file. I hope they make the Web-based configuration script available to the
>ht://Dig team, though, if they have not already.

I asked about this but didn't get a response. I also have not
received their patches to the source. I can't remember now, does the
source come with the package? If not, I should write them again--I
doubt there are many patches, but it would be nice to make sure there
isn't some bug that they've fixed...

As for the config script, I look at it as just an example of what
someone could do, probably in a short time. After all, it's hardly
Tenon's main project--they wrote it simply to make things easier for
WebTen users.

>fuzzy databases. I don't know why this it's using the new database format
>for the main databases but the old GDBM format for the fuzzy databases. Any

I have no idea what version they're using, but their "3.1.2" was
actually 3.1.0b2. I don't know what that would make
Apparently they had problems with the Berkeley db package and the
WebTen memory allocation system and last I talked to them, they were
using a modified version of GDBM for all of their databases.

>put PPC Linux on the excellent G3 Mac I have handy now (rather than buy new
>hardware) and compile ht://Dig for that, but I'd rather keep running it on
>Mac OS, if it is stable enough.

I will probably be rolling RPMs for LinuxPPC eventually. That's my
current development platform and it's just a matter of working out
what additional packages I need to install.

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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