[htdig] Info. on ht://Dig w/ Tenon's WebTen

Gabriel Fenteany (gfenteany@rics.bwh.harvard.edu)
Sun, 03 Oct 1999 22:50:05 -0400

Hi. I downloaded Tenon's WebTen (Apache-based server for conventional Mac
OS; http://www.tenon.com) which comes with ht://Dig to temporarily port our
search function to a spare G3 Mac (from an old DEC alpha). The database is
still building, but a test database worked fine. If the full database works
fine, I will purchase WebTen before the trial period expires.

Their Web-based configuration is quite nice, but doesn't allow you the full
range of control, so you still have to use a text editor to modify the .conf
file. I hope they make the Web-based configuration script available to the
ht://Dig team, though, if they have not already.

One observation: Although not directly stated with the package, it seems
that their current version of ht://Dig is "v.," which could be their
tweak of the 3.1.3beta? However, the strange thing is, htdig makes
db.docdb, db.docs.index, db.wordlist, db.words.db as the 3.1+ versions make,
but when htfuzzy is run to for synonyms and endings, rather than making
root2word.db and synonyms.db, it makes the old GDBM (.gdbm) files for the
fuzzy databases. I don't know why this it's using the new database format
for the main databases but the old GDBM format for the fuzzy databases. Any

Overall, it's quite cool that ht://Dig seems to run great in a virtual Unix
environment on a Mac. I am also impressed with WebTen. As I said, I still
want to test it out on the full huge databases before making a final
decision (how it works, how fast, stable, etc.?). If it doesn't, I may just
put PPC Linux on the excellent G3 Mac I have handy now (rather than buy new
hardware) and compile ht://Dig for that, but I'd rather keep running it on
Mac OS, if it is stable enough.

More later...

Comments on my question are much appreciated! Thanks.

Gabriel Fenteany

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