[htdig] indexing with htdig

Andy Malato (andy@tao.agoron.com)
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 10:09:30 -0400

Hello I am running htdig 3.1.3 on BSD 3.1

I want to setup htdig to index the entire site, but it only seems to
index three pages.
My main page is the index.html page, this page contains frame info for
content.html and main.htm. These three pages are the only ones that get
indexed by htdig. Why?
Isn't htdig designed to search through every file in my www/root
directory and index everything thing in there? Or do I have to have
actual links to the documents I want to be indexed from my index.html
file? I am going crazy here trying to figure out why this is?

As I said my index.html page only contains links to the frameset pages,
main.htm and content.htm. Main is just our company contact info, and
content.htm contains the java menu that is used to naviagate our site,
so there are no relative html href links.

Anyone with any ideas???


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