[htdig] Bad Words in the Search String

David Adams (D.J.Adams@soton.ac.uk)
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 11:32:30 +0100 (BST)

The University of Southampton's main web server is now using ht:/Dig to
provide a search facility, http://www.search.soton.ac.uk/soton/, and we
are very pleased with it. It is much better than the Harvest search
engine we had before.

Looking through the search log I've noticed a small problem which I
would like advice on. It appears that an "All" search on a search
string containing a word in the bad_word_list will fail. For example, a
search on "The Staff Club" finds nothing, while a search on "Staff Club"
finds the Staff Club page. More seriously for us, a search for
"New College" fails, while a search on "College" finds the pages on
The University of Southampton New College.

Does this mean I have to prune the bad_word_list right down? Is there
something else I could do?

It is interesting that a two-letter word in a search string does not
cause failure, even though the minimum word length is set at three.

David Adams
Computing Services
University of Southampton

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