[htdig] ISO-Latin-2, translating, instalating

Marjan Savli (majan@liste.gov.si)
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 12:27:02 +0200 (CEST)

In a few hours of reading, typing,.. I successfully instaled
ht://Dig on my Slackware 4.0. It works fine (by now).

But I have some annotations:

1. Translation in-to non-english lanugage:
   I can not translate "Pages:" into my Language "Strani:"
         This is in file footer.html
             $(PREVPAGE) $(PAGELIST) $(NEXTPAGE)
             <hr noshade color="#0000FF">
         As I understand this is "hidden" somewhere in htsearch
         It would be nice if this can be easily changed in some
         cfg file.

2. I can not use my own directories and my own pictures, when I get
    result of searaching. I mean files:

             majan@liste:/var/lib/apache/htdocs/htdig$ ls
             star.gif star_blank.gif

    I can also put another picture instead of default ones
    and I keep the same file name and location of gif's. But
    I would like to have all pictures in one of my own, earlier
    directories, like I was able to do with this buttons.

            majan@liste:/var/lib/apache/htdocs/jpg$ ls
            Franci button5.gif
            apache_pb.gif button6.gif
            button1.gif button7.gif
            button10.gif button8.gif
            button2.gif button9.gif
            button3.gif buttonl.gif
            button4.gif buttonr.gif

3. I would be very happy if ht://Dig cas recognize ISO-Latin-2
   character set, because many of our words consists of characters
   with "s" and some "^" above "s". And if I search withouth this
   characters, the search is very small. In Slovenia (Not Slovakia)
   we have only 3 characters of this kind. But they are small and big,
   so we have 3*2=6 "now to ht://Dig unknown" characters.
   I strongly aggree with Martin Povoln
   to implement ISO-Latin-2 into ht://Dig Sonner, better.

4. I do not know how to search only for a part of a word. Many of our
   words are to be declined. In English is likely:
    e.g.: dog and dogs
   How can I search only for a main word "dog" and get in between
   resluts with "dog" also words "dogs"?

5. Procedure of istalation is so good written on your web pages,
   that I have no complains. Very, very well done, even for newbies
   like me.
   I can only suggest (because I can't find) that you put into
   documentation some words aboute regulary starting rundig.
   I put it into daily cron file. I hope will works. :)

                        Regrads from Slovenia,


BTW 1: I use ht:/Dig in our local government on intranetserver.
BTW 2: Why isn't this program availble on http://www.tucows.com

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