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On Tue, 28 Sep 1999 wrote:

> Howdy!
> Sorry, if this topic is discussed various times already, but digging thru
> the mail archive didn't bring me any further.
> I simply don't understand the dokumentation for url_part_aliases.
> I made an index with htdig and when I search it, it returns my machinename
> in the URLs. Works fine lokally, but unfortunately no other host in the LAN
> knows my name and can access my apache webserver only thru the IP.
> So I would like htdig to put the IP in the URL whenever it encounters the
> name in the index-Database.
> Putting the following 2 lines in my htdig.conf simply doesn't work:
> url_part_aliases: http://myname/
> url_part_aliases_http://
> I understood the documentation in a way that the first url_part_aliases -
> line vcontains the from-part and the second the to-part. Obviously I'm
> wrong, but what would be right?
> Is it possible to change the URLs on the fly or do I have to rebuild my
> database? How is that done?

Hey Kai,

This one is not covered by the docs, though I understand 3.2 will have
clearer documentation.

To get this to work requires 2 different conf files. One conf is used when
digging, the other is used when searching. The only difference between the
2 file would be the url_part_aliases and would run like this:

Dig conf:
url_part_aliases: http://myname/ *1

Search conf:
url_part_aliases: *1

Think of the *1 as a place holder which is set when digging and replaced
when searching.


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