[htdig] url_part_aliases - howto needed

Tue, 28 Sep 1999 18:09:00 +0200


Sorry, if this topic is discussed various times already, but digging thru
the mail archive didn't bring me any further.
I simply don't understand the dokumentation for url_part_aliases.

I made an index with htdig and when I search it, it returns my machinename
in the URLs. Works fine lokally, but unfortunately no other host in the LAN
knows my name and can access my apache webserver only thru the IP.
So I would like htdig to put the IP in the URL whenever it encounters the
name in the index-Database.
Putting the following 2 lines in my htdig.conf simply doesn't work:

url_part_aliases: http://myname/

I understood the documentation in a way that the first url_part_aliases -
line vcontains the from-part and the second the to-part. Obviously I'm
wrong, but what would be right?
Is it possible to change the URLs on the fly or do I have to rebuild my
database? How is that done?


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