[htdig] DB2 problem..

Sacha Wheeler (sacha@thought.co.uk)
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 16:32:36 +0100

I'm sure it's a regular question but having built my DB (at just over 0.5
gig) I keep getting:

DB2 problem...: /var/db/db.words.db: page 0: reference count overflow

on Linux Redhat 5.2 when I search for anything not beginning with 'a'.

Am I simply at the threshold of my memory (128megs) or is there something I
can do, because I'd really like my DB to be able to grow substantially.


Sacha Wheeler
Thought Interactive

Sacha Wheeler
Director, Thought Interactive

M: 0468 210 796
F: 0468 219 290
E: sacha@thought.co.uk

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