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David Robley (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 10:15:29 +0930 (CST)

On 26 Sep, Andy Malato wrote:
> Hi I am trying to Install the latest version of Htdig on my BSDI 3.1
> box. I went through all of the documentation and I am trying to
> install the entire package into /usr/var/www/htdig === I edited the
> CONFIG file and specified all the proper paths, however even though to
> my knowledge I configured everything correctly, I am still having a
> problem.
> The Problem I am having is that when running rundig (the script used
> to create the same search text from I get an error message
> saying : cannot locate /opt/www/htdig/conf/config -- why is it looking
> in this location when I specified the location to be
> /usr/var/www/htdig/conf? Is htdig required to be in /opt/www/htdig?
> Any help with this situation would be greatly appreciated!!!
> thanks,

If you are using the snapshot version of 3.2, it doesn't appear to use a
CONFIG file - certainly it doesn't create one when running configure.
However, there is reference in install.html to the use of flags for

"As of the full 3.1.0 release, configure also supports setting the other
directories in CONFIG using the flags --with-cgi-bin-dir=DIR,
--with-image-dir=DIR and --with-search-dir=DIR."

Using this technique worked like a charm for me - you might consider
sticking the configure command and flags in a script so it can be
readily modified at a later date.


David Robley

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