[htdig] htdig suddenly stopped working

B.G. Mahesh (bgmahesh@yahoo.com)
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 06:21:16 -0700 (PDT)


I have been using htdig for a long time. I am using
3.1.3. Search is suddenly not finding anything. I
don't find anything in the error log file of the

Please search for "india" on www.indiainfo.com. It
cannot find any files. Earlier I was indexing ALL of
indiainfo.com (e.g. food.indiainfo.com,
tax.indiainfo.com). I think that was the problem. Now
I changed it to index ONLY www.indiainfo.com and it
seems to work. The file sizes in db directory are

15789056 Sep 25 09:05 db.docdb
320512 Sep 25 09:05 db.docs.index
259741 Sep 25 09:06 db.wordlist
29743104 Sep 25 09:05 db.words.db

Has it reached the maximum (dbwords.db)? If so, what
other search tool could I use?


B.G. Mahesh
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