Re: [htdig] htmerge's last words...

David Melton (
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 20:39:32 -0700 (PDT)

Well, I just did the "rm -f *" thing in my db directory
and started the rundig again. Two hours later, it
completed successfully.

I'm glad it worked, but I'd rather not have a two hour
"search outage" everytime I do a rundig....

- Dave

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, David Melton wrote:

> It went through htdig just fine, then htmerge stopped after printing
> a long word list ending with the following:
> htmerge: 96500:youngest
> htmerge: 96600:yuki
> htmerge: 96700:yutakayama
> htmerge: 96800:zap
> htmerge: 96900:zocom
> ..then just exit, no error, no anything.
> I just killed it after about 10 hours. It had never taken anywhere
> near that long before, or been so quiet for so long.

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