[htdig] htmerge's last words...

David Melton (dmelton@blarg.net)
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 15:46:59 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

I've just done a rundig on a mailing list archive that I maintain.
There are about 22,000 html files, about 500 of which have been
added since the last time I did a rundig.

It went through htdig just fine, then htmerge stopped after printing
a long word list ending with the following:

htmerge: 96500:youngest
htmerge: 96600:yuki
htmerge: 96700:yutakayama
htmerge: 96800:zap
htmerge: 96900:zocom

..then just hung...no exit, no error, no anything.
I just killed it after about 10 hours. It had never taken anywhere
near that long before, or been so quiet for so long.

The most recently modified DB files are:
db.docs.index (2 kbytes now, was 1.7M last time)
db.wordlist (65Mbytes, db.wordlist.work is 67Mbytes)
db.words.db (57Mbytes, slightly smaller than last successful run)

Modification times for the above are all the same, about the
time of htmerge's last screen output.

Anyone have any ideas what's happening, or how to diagnose and
correct it?

This is htDig 3.1.2, built and running on Red Hat 5.2, in case
it matters...

Thanks in advance,

  Dave Melton

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