Re: [htdig] Merging Databases

Geoff Hutchison (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 10:19:38 -0500

At 10:14 AM -0500 9/20/99, Bill Carlson wrote:
>rundig -c main.conf
>rundig -m main.conf -c crawl.conf -skipdig
>where I modified rundig to take -skipdig and skip the htdig and htmerge

If that's the case, then either I'm misunderstanding you, or you just
indicated that you index main, then you merge main into (an empty)
crawl. "to take -skipdig and skip the htdig and htmerge portion"
indicates to me that it *didn't* do htdig -c crawl.conf or htmerge -m
main.conf -c crawl.conf.

Personally, I'd suggest doing it from the command-line to start to
see if you're doing something odd in your script.

>How can I verify that the merge happens other than performing a search?
>What can I lookup for in the verbose output? In one of the databases?

I'd take a look at the db.wordlist file. It's plaintext and if
there's a word that you know is unique to one of the databases,
you'll know that database is in there.

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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