[htdig] Exclusions.

Iain Wade (iwade@mpx.com.au)
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 11:09:44 +1000


I've indexed a site of mine using htdig, and all's well bar one small
problem ..

On each page i have a side bar with link list .. the site is generated
dynamically so this header and footer is standard throughout .. what i
would like to do is wrap the common section of each page in some sort of
hidden html element or in some way exclude the engine from indexing ..


  1. blah blah
  2. blah de blah
main content for current page .. © 1999 blah org .. footer bit --------------------- This way, when i search it won't find blah etc .. Is there any way to do this? I've seen this program around for many years so i'm sure it's matured enough to have some capability like this .. Warm regards, Iain Wade iwade@mpx.com.au ------------------------------------ To unsubscribe from the htdig mailing list, send a message to htdig@htdig.org containing the single word unsubscribe in the SUBJECT of the message.

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