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Benjamin Smedberg (
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 20:32:46 -0400

> At 4:20 AM +0200 9/19/99, Xhemil Meco wrote:
> >----*--****-More than one <title> tag in document! (possible search
> >spamming)
> >
> >What does that mean?
> This means that the document encountered has more than one <title>
> tag, as it says. Often this comes about because the author knows that

This may also be caused by <FRAME> and <NOFRAME> content on a page. Many of
the CUA websites include frame content in NOFRAMES tags for Lynx browsers
(still used by dialup professors occasionally), and this will include the
TITLE tag along with the rest. For examples, see the CUA homepage frameset:

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