Re: [htdig] Problems with template_map

Jim Cole (
Sat, 18 Sep 1999 00:23:48 -0600

> template_map: Long long /usr/local/htdig/local/long.html Short short /usr/local/
> htdig/local/short.html
> template_name: long
> (template_map is one line). What I find when using the default
> search.html search form is that whether I specify short or long as the

Are you truly using an unmodified version of the default search.html? If so,
I think you need to make at least two changes to get the template_map to work. The
format is specified through the following two option tags...

<option value=builtin-long>Long
<option value=builtin-short>Short

I think those need to be changed to

<option value=long>Long
<option value=short>Short

in order to get the results you are looking for.


> format I get the output as specified by /usr/local/htdig/local/long.html.
> The same thing happens when I run htsearch from the command line - it
> doesn't indicate any errors.

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