[htdig] What "features" of libht.a does htdig 3.1.2 require?

Larry Williamson (larry@mitra.com)
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 15:55:18 -0400 (EDT)

I am trying to build ht:/dig 3.1.2 on a Solaris 2.7 machine with gcc
2.8.1. I have libstd++ version 2.8.1 installed too.

ht:/dig fails to configure because libht is not found.

I tried to use the SunPro 4.2 C++ compiler instead, but to no avail.

In both cases, the missing libht.a seems to be the cause.

I read in the FAQ I have to have this library, but it does not appear
to be a part of libstd++ anymore. (I looked in libg++-2.8.1 as well).

I thought I might just install gcc 2.7.x on another machine to get
around this, but I am hoping if I can determine what is needed from
libht.a, then I may be able to work around it.

Any advice?

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