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At 1:06 PM +0200 9/17/99, Walter Hafner wrote:
>Quoted from
>Perhabs, someone should set things right. :-)

Remember that their marketing department wants you to *buy* their
software. For example, InfoSeek has comparisons of other programs too

>We've heard from customers that the spider in ht://Dig is not
>network friendly, and can overwhelm servers with requests. We've
>also heard from customers that ht://Dig has trouble with even medium
>sized collections, becoming unstable and crashing.
>To try out ht://Dig for yourself, you can try the San Diego State
>University site:
>In short, ht://Dig is a nice tool if you have no need for ease or
>performance, and it is free. For a complete list of Ultraseek Server
>features, see our Detailed Feature List. We encourage you to compare
>ht://Dig with our product (or better yet, download our evaluation
>copy) to determine which product better meets your needs.

>Otoh, there's this server aliases/virtual hosts issue I mention from
>time to time ... :-)

Interesting you should mention that. I was just about to start in on
the duplicate detection code. While I remember your technique for
determining if a server was a server alias, I can't remember why you
could guarantee that it was a duplicate. Perhaps we could take this
up on the htdig3-dev list or off-list?

-Geoff Hutchison
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