[htdig] large db's and RAM

Charlie Romero (charlie@jumpinternet.com)
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 14:27:54 -0400

I'm about to embark on a ram buying expedition to speed up found results
when the number of found results is very high. What I'd like to do is load
the entire 1G database into RAM.

Does anyone have any thought's on this? Is there any reason to think that
htdig won't want to do this?

For example if my .db is 800M and I search for a common word that is found
100000 times htdig can take upto a minute to return the results. Is this
due to the drive swapping or is htdig just taking that long to figure out
the results. I don't want to buy ram and then find out it doesn't actually
solve the problem.

Any thougths or ideas appreciated.



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