Re: [htdig] How add <meta> tag?

Ludwig Rey (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 14:07:34 +0200

This is from an old thread, but ...

>It also reads the standard "keywords" tag.
>It is possible to add <meta> tags to ht://Dig. One easy way is to add to
>the keywords_meta_tag_names attribute, which by default is:
>keywords_meta_tag_names: keywords htdig-keywords

        So, I can add a tag like <meta name="language" content="italian">
and have htdig store it somewhere. And if I have both, let's say french and italian
documents indexed in my db's, how can I force a search to output ONLY french OR
italian documents ? I can increase the meta_description_factor, but how do this
parameter interfere in the search process.

>You can also add more support for <meta> tags by editing the file.

        Am I right ? In this file, I can tell htdig to index a document that
contains a language ( specified in a meta tag ), and follow the indexing process,
and finally ending with two databases, one with french documents, one with
italian documents ???

        Sorry for 'digging' an old subject

        Ludwig Rey
        Universite de Savoie

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