Re: [htdig] Result problem with htsearch

Carlos Emir Mantovani Macedo (
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 13:40:11 -0300

        Hi Kostas,

        We've found where the problem ocurred and the solution.
        The problem was that we implemented a script at the first index.html of
our home page. That script detects if you have Shockwave Flash installed or
not. If it has, the flash sends you to another page, if hesn't there was a
link to Shockwave. That was the point. Htdig looks for pages like a tree,
and our first node hasn't link to other pages of our web site, only the
Shockwave. And htdig doesn't know how to look inside shockwave code.
        The solution we found was to put a link in the index.html, in case there's
no flash installed. And the htsearch is function.
        Check if this is not your case too.

Kostas Kavoussanakis wrote:
> Hi Emir,
> Very interesting that we have the same problem and that it happened at
> the same time... Any thoughts?
> Kostas
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