[htdig] how it works, question

Sadhunathan Nadesan (sadhu@aloha.net)
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 07:31:35 -0700

hmmmmm .... i have been searching the web site, faq's etc, for how htdig
actually works, and, it doesn't tell, although gives a clue. rather than
digging in the source, can someone confirm this?

htdig only follows links

is that so obvious that everyone assumes it? wasn't obvious to me, if it
is true. i expected it to recursively search every sub directory under the
start url looking for all .html or text files. now i am beginning to think
that perhaps this is a false assumption.

in other words, if i have an index.html page in the start url, and it
doesnt happen to have any links to many subdirectories beneath it which
also have html pages .. none of the other pages get indexed. is that the
case? if so, perhaps this info ought to be placed in the faq. if not, i
am still stuck as to why it doesnt find everything under a start url.

the problem being, i have many directories with html pages which are not
pointed to by any html page on the site, the links are on other servers
(not necessarily being indexed). so i guess i have to list each directory
explicitly then???

well, any comments appreciated,
thank you

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