[htdig] htmerge 100/200/....

Frank Martini (fmartini@caddev.com)
Tue, 14 Sep 99 09:34:08 -0500

I'm using a slightly modified runhtdig script as a nightly cron to index
a very small test site (by coincidence it's in Spanish). For test
purposes, I have -verbose mode on. At the end of the script and htmerge
is run. 2 questions:

1.) What is HTmerge trying to tell me with this 100,200,etc. report.
2.) Even if the site is not modified, the words it displays here seem to
change every day. How can this be?


>htmerge: 100:caddevcom
>htmerge: 200:direccion
>htmerge: 300:foto
>htmerge: 400:los
>htmerge: 500:ortegadas
>htmerge: 600:sabemos
>htmerge: 700:vacaion

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