[htdig] wrong url's, help!

Sadhunathan Nadesan (sadhu@aloha.net)
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 06:38:14 -0700

my apologies in advance for posting to this list without lurking on it for
a while, but, hoping someone can make a quick suggestion for me.

i've been running htdig for about a year. it's always worked flawlessly.
but lately it is returning the wrong url's.

i havent changed anything (its on a linux machine) that i know of that
would effect it. i havent recompiled, its the same perl, no changes to
config files, etc etc. i've just left it alone and its been working all
along. till a few weeks ago. it indexes 3 different sites. the only
change i know of, is, those sites keep growing. i have a cron job that
rebuilds the indexes once a week.

the symptoms are: when you do a search, all the url's returned are nothing
to do with your search! they are pages on the sites alright, but don't
really contain any of the keywords from the search. i have tried
re-indexing several times and get consistent, incorrect results.

is there some parameter i need to increase maybe? any suggestions much


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