[htdig] Round Robin: Multpile URL's for same site

Todd Daniel Woodward (tdwoodward@radiodigest.com)
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 00:57:56 -0500

Our site, radiodigest.com has two servers, web01 and

When you go to "www.radiodigest.com" or "radiodigest.com"
you will hit either web01 or web02.

Exact same content on both. Each has htdig on them.

How do you configure htdig to work with multiple URLs for
the same site?

If you search using: http://web01.radiodigest.com/search.html
it works great.

If you search using:
http://www.radiodigest.com/search.html it DOES NOT work.

Any suggestions for configuration?


Todd Daniel Woodward
Technical Consultant
RadioDigest.com Inc.

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