[htdig] varying URL through proxy

Tubbs, Derric L (Derric.Tubbs@West.Boeing.com)
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 07:46:56 -0700

I have users that access my intRAnet site through a proxy and others that
access it directly from within the intRAnet (emphasizing it's not an open
internet site). When they access it directly the URLs returned by the
search engine are correct (like www.mydomain.com/index.html) but if they
access my site through the proxy they need that same URL to be something
like www.diferentdomain.com:1000/index.html. What is the best for me to do
this? I've looked at the configuration parameters and what appears as the
best solution to me would be to employ url_part_aliases to strip the entire
domain off, just leaving beyond the /, and have my mod_perl modules choose a
different configuration file to use depending on where the request is coming
from. Then the url_per_aliases setting in each conf file would restore the
correct domain on the front. Is that correct? Have I missed an easier

Thanks in advance.

Derric L. Tubbs
CITIS Administrator
Boeing - Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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