Re: [htdig] optimal memory setup

Doug (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 10:39:20 -0700

        First, before I forget, you should set up your mail client to wrap
lines around column 75 or so.

Ludwig Rey wrote:
> I'm setting up a dedicated freeBSD box for htdig, and I was wondering what memory setup I
> should use, ie how much swap space to use. At now, htdig runs on 5000 pages, and the db
> size is ~35Mb. In the next few months, the number of page migth grow to 15000 - 20000
> pages.
> The Server is a PII 400 w/ 128Mb Ram and 9Gb UltraSCSI HD.

        That sounds good to start with, but get ready to add more ram if your
site gets popular. You really don't want apache to swap if you can help

> Is it better to give a lot of swap space ( let's say 512Mb ) Should I give more ? or less ?

        I'd give it a gig just to be on the safe side. You can always add more
hard disk on a scsi chain, but reconfiguring your machine because you
don't have enough swap is a royal pain.

        You could also get answers to questions like these on There are lots of people there familiar
with htdig.

Bon Chance,


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