[htdig] restrict

Fraser Campbell (fraser@baxter.net)
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 12:25:21 -0400

Love htdig, just one thing I would like to accomplish (described below) that I
haven't figured out.

Allow user defined (and changeable) restrict:
The problem is that I have created a drop down menu to restrict searches based
on site. This sets the restrict to the appropriate site but I would like the
drop down menu to appear on the search results pages as well so that people
could simply switch the site selected and click search to perform their search
on another web site. Also the drop down would have to display the previously
selected web site for the search to work right.

If it's possible can someone send me an example config file?



P.S. Has anyone successfully used htdig on Cobalt products (MIPS processor /
Linux) ... I saw other people (list archives) having the segfault problems I
experienced. Any solutions?

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