[htdig] multiple select keywords

Kevin Quinn (quinn@bitwrench.com)
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 09:57:33 -0400


I have a dynamic site published from a database that is indexed by htdig.
For each object the keyword meta tag is inserted with the contents of every
section and document type the object belongs to. Like so:

<meta name="htdig-keywords" content="Sectionrepro Sectionhivaids

In my search form I would have two select boxes. One with Sections:
<select name="keywords">
<option value="Sectionrepro">Reproductive Health
<option value="Sectionhivaids">HIV/AIDS

and the other with Document Types:
<select name="keywords">
<option value="Doctyperelease">Press Releases
<option value="Doctypereport">Report

I have two problems with this:

1) I cannot have two form inputs with the same name (the second gets lost)
2) I would like to have both selects as multiple selects

I know multiple select is possible with exclude and restrict, but is not
available for keywords.

It seems like it would be fairly simple to add in support to look for input
on "keyworda" and "keywordb" and glom them together into the keyword list.
Also, it does not seem terribly difficult to allow keywords to be piped
together like exclude and restrict.

Does anyone have ideas as to how the above might be accomplished? I might
even be coerced into throwing some money at the problem.


Kevin Lee Quinn
BitWrench Incorporated

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