Re: xpdf 0.90 announcement (was Re: [htdig] slow)

Gilles Detillieux (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 14:22:10 -0500 (CDT)

According to Frank Guangxin Liu:
> Here is how I tested it:
> pdftotext.old -rawdump test.pdf
> grep F_Table test.txt
> can't find any match. (F_Table is a word in the landscape table
> on Page 54 of 72).
> -raw test.pdf
> grep F_Table test.txt
> found the match!!
> I understand the "test.txt" generated from the new pdftotext
> still looks funny (unformated) for those landscape tables
> (Page 48 and beyond), but at least it has all the words in
> there which is all htdig cares.

But not all the words are intact. Here's an example of pdftotext output
from the PDF you gave me:

mpliance wit
h QS
P 1-
02, Pro
tection of Pro
prietary Interests,
 is re
quired. Info
rmation contained with
in this d
ocument or generated as a result thereof is no
t to be disclosed to third partie

Most of the words are intact, but a lot of them wrap onto another line,
so htdig treats the two parts as separate words. Yes, it's a lot better
than what you'd get with pdftotext 0.80, with my rawdump patch, but is it
as good as what you'd get from htdig's parsing of acroread's PostScript

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