Re: [htdig] patch to parse URLs?

Leonard J. Hunt (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 10:08:23 -0700

Sorry I wasn't clear. It's the part in the ():
It's just a number that gets incremented each time a page is
requested so a fresh page is pulled from the server.
FYI, a little bit from the documentation about the query
command defines a template, the certificate IDs the current
user, and the parameters define a location: folder, message,
or discussion.
Thanks (again) for your interest...

>> I am looking for a patch for htdig to take the user id
>> (^3290 in this case) out of the URL before it gets indexed
>> as a unique url. I set the server_max_docs so that htdig
>No offense, but it's not entirely obvious what the "user id" is
>from that
>particular URL. While I think there are people who'd be willing to
>such a patch, w/o knowing what part of a query string is to be
>it's not particularly easy.
>Most query strings I'm famililar with take the form
>?key1=value&key2=value.... In this form, it's fairly easy
to figure
>what fields are "user id" or whatnot.

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