[htdig] PDF & ISO-Latin chars

Antti Rauramo (antti.rauramo@edita.fi)
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 13:46:37 +0300

Hello list!

Ok, I've asked this before with no luck, so I'll just try again....

Anyone out there indexing pdf-files with ISO-Latin characters in them
(ń÷ň─Í┼ mainly)? Seems that htdig doesn't understand the meaning of the
special characters, and shows them w/o conversion; thus 'ń' in a
document made with a mac shows as 'Ő' on all browsers etc. Viewing ps's
converted from pdf's with acroread the same way htdig does displays the
characters correctly.

Try http://www.vero.fi/cgi-bin/verohaku?config=vero_kehitys, search for
"huoneiston", see the excerpt, compare it to the same spot in the
document. 3011.pdf is made with a PC, 780.pdf with a Mac.


- Antti Rauramo, WWW- ja tietokanta-asiantuntija, Edita Verkkoviestintń
- antti.rauramo@edita.fi, +358-9-8501 4004 (mobile)

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