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peter karlsson (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 11:06:47 +0200 (MET DST)

> Still, it may be worth running a test run of htdig using just a few of the
> problem documents as your start_url. If you run with -vvv, I'd be
> interested in seeing what it's picking up for the Content-Type header.

Can I run it in simulation without actually indexing anything?

> I didn't see anything suspect above, but I'm curious about the proxy
> server you're running on your local host.

It's a standard squid cache, and I didn't add it until before the last run
(August 1st), but I have had the problem since the first time I indexed.

> In any case, the first thing I'd check is to make sure your proxy server
> and your web servers are set up to return the right MIME type for .htm.

It should, it works in all the browsers I've tested it with :-)

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