[htdig] .shtml files

John Ray (johnray@mail.jps.net)
Mon, 9 Aug 1999 08:02:54 +0800

I need to index the content of .shtml files on out site. There is no
need for the SSI tags to be processed prior to indexing since their
content is not relevant to the document's contents.

I have tried modifying the Document.cc file to include a line to
test for .shtml along with .html and .htm files with no success. Yes
it compiles fine it just doesn't index the .shtml files. I only need
to index the local file system so I can't understand what's wrong. I
have tested setting 'XBitHack on' in my .htaccess files and it works
on our system but I would rather not do it this way if at all

Am I missing something?

John Ray - johnray@jps.net

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