[htdig] A question.

Tony Woodcock (prophetes@sprynet.com)
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 18:28:43 -0000

Hi. I have a pretty simple question. I am new to this listserver and I am
having problems installing the Ht://Dig search engine. I have extracted and
configured the software. Now I am trying to compile it. When I use the
make command at the promt, I receive this error- make: ***No targets.
Stop. I executed this command within the htdig-3.1.1 subdirectory, and I am
assuming that it is the correct one to do it in.

Now, when I edited the CONFIG file, I made sure that I used the right root
directory setup. Also, I know that it can be installed on the server,
because my website hosting company has done it before. So, I was wondering
what I might be doing wrong.



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