Re: [htdig] htmerge: Unable to open word list file '/pkgs/www/db/db.wordlist'

Gilles Detillieux (
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 10:18:37 -0500 (CDT)

According to Paul A. Watters:
> I've successfully installed ht-dig 3.12 on a Solaris 7 machine called
> 'intranet01'.
> I've edited the htdig.conf file to index all content on http://intranet01/
> When I run rundig -vvv, I get:
> Header line: Content-Type: text/html
> Header line:
> returnStatus = 0
> Read 1487 from document
> Read a total of 1487 bytes

There's nothing happening here, between the total number of bytes
reported, and the "size = n" before the next "pick" call. This is the
point at which the document is parsed. With -vvv, htdig should report
on all the tags contained in the document.

> size = 1487
> pick: intranet01, # servers = 1
> htmerge: Unable to open word list file '/pkgs/www/db/db.wordlist'
> DB2 problem...: /pkgs/www/db/db.docdb: No such file or directory
> This seems to indicate that htdig has found the 1487 byte index page
> (index.html),
> but for some reason htmerge can't open the db.wordlist file. That's because only
> a '' file is found in db, which is zero-length. Can anyone suggest
> what might be going wrong?

If htmerge can't open db.wordlist, it's almost certainly because htdig
didn't make one, usually because it didn't find any words to index.
The file is created by htmerge before it tries to open
db.wordlist. What happens when you access http://intranet01/ from a
web browser? It doesn't look like htdig is seeing any text or tags in
those 1487 bytes.

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