[htdig] Optimal html-page layout for best hit results ?

Dr. Thomas-M.Stein (stein@wiz.uni-kassel.de)
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 11:03:26 +0200 (CEST)

Dear All,

I am luckily in the stage that I still could influence the html page
layout and structure (of those pages to be indexed) to a certain extend
in that way that I would get the best and most sensible results when
(digging and) searching my databases

Any ideas on this matter would greatly be appreciated.

To structure my output I have started in the following way. As I have to
index multiple sites joining certain areas to virtual databases which may
then be preselected from a list before searching. I am doing this by
storing the information which thematic-ally belongs together in the same
subdirectories (even on different sites) for instance:


I may then use the following to preselect a certain 'database'

<select name="restrict">
<option value="/subject01/">Database on Subject 01
<option value="/subject01/">Database on Subject 02
<option value="/subject01/">etc ....

Many thanks for any idea



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