[htdig] 3.1.2-errors & umlaute

Dirk Kutsche (dk@pro-ite.de)
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 17:56:16 +0200

Hello htdig,

I got 3.1.2 now running on all my systems ;-)

There are still two problems:


DB2 problem...: /opt/www/htdig/common/synonyms.db: close: 2 blocks left
DB2 problem...: /opt/www/htdig/common/word2root.db: dirty flag set for
file page

Do I have to wash the dirty flag? ;-)
Or who needs filepermissions?

b. what is htdig doing with char >127 like ü () ?
When I search for a word with these he (is htdig a "he"? <g>) says
"no matches"

regards, Dirk Kutsche
pro-ite GmbH

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