[htdig] ISPs hosting htdig

Jeff Skubick (jeff@cnijoblink.com)
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 12:30:37 -0400

I've been using Pair networks (www.pair.com) for about 2 years. They don't
support htdig per se, but with a Webmaster account or above (approx.
$30US/month) you'll basically get carte blanche access to do just about
anything you want to do (I think Webmaster accounts now include 120mb of
storage space, and additional space is relatively cheap). I initially had a
problem running make for htdig because the c++ compiler on the server I was
using got corrupted during an upgrade, but they fixed the problem within a
few hours as soon as I pointed it out to them, and htdig installed without a
hitch after that. The only possible problem might be the system reaper
daemon, which can kill tasks running longer than 30 CPU seconds, but they're
open to making exceptions for specific programs if you ask & don't end up
abusing it (i.e., try to limit yourself to incremental index upgrades and
avoid totally re-indexing your site unless necessary). Overall I've been
pretty happy with them.

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