Re: [htdig] Problem with &..; entities in meta tags

Lennart Almkvist (
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 09:09:43 +0200

The 'þ' problem.
We are running htdig 3.1.2, on a pc with Red Hat Linux 6.0
with an apache web server 1.3.6.

Locale is sv_SE in the htdig config file.

There are no thorns in the text, only in the meta tags

One example:
<META NAME="other" CONTENT="Stemorsblom Natt og dag Almindelig
Stedmorsblomst Keto-orvokki
&thorn;renningarfj&oacute;la Wild Pansy Wildes Stiefm&uuml;tterchen">
where the german and icelandic names contains '&...;' encodings

In the .wordlist and .words.db file the words 'stiefmuuml;t' and
'thorn;rennin' are found.

Should not such words be in these files in their decoded form, that is one 8
bit char insted of five or six letters ?

Lennart Almvist
Museum of Natural History, Stockholm

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