[htdig] [Q]: templates and paging of results

mike grommet (mgrommet@insolwwb.net)
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 15:05:27 -0500

I'm creating a simple wrapper for PHP, much like the "Search This" example.

I've gotten pretty far here, but my problem now is that results do not page,

Do I have to handle the paging myself, or will htdig take care of it for me?

I've specified a global conf file (called global.conf) that contains my
header/results templates
and it is included in my individual htdig.conf (which contains the text
information for next/prev page, etc)

unfortunately this doesnt work. I've even tried adding this to the bottom
of my results-header.html

but apparently the text values in my conf files are not being seen, as these
expand to blank strings...

How should I go about paging results from htdig when using templates?

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