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Andrew Scherpbier (
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 11:19:19 -0700

Cam Proctor wrote:
> > If you're just serving up static HTML from your results, you can't. The
> > search CGI would somehow have to modify the static files on your server
> > based on the search.
> this is what i saw in the archives, don't remember who said that though.
> my first thought was why?
> > If you're serving dynamic content, you could pass $(WORDS) to the
> > CGI/Perl/PHP/Whatever and have that code take care of the highlighting.
> you dont' have to be doing "true dynamic content" to do this. what i was
> was seeing (there maybe a couple gotcha's yet to be found) but is
> basically this,
> modify the long.html and short.html to correct the links so that they
> will pass the info to a cgi script (perl, c, python, php, whatever) with
> the URL of the document and the $(WORDS) as two arguments. the script
> would then parse and highlight (based on what color etc you want) and then
> just print the data to stdout (your browser). that way there were be
> no need to "modify the file on disk". you are still serving up "static"
> files, just parsing them before/(as you are) sending them.
> that is why i said it actually looks VERY simple to me.

Can you say "Can of Worms"?
Please think about this a little more. In essence you will have to
proxy/filter the retrieved HTML page. This means that the base URL will
be different so all relative links and URLs for any components
referenced from that page (images, activeX controls, applets, etc.) will
have to be modified. The proxy will have to interpret the HTML and
modify the right tags.
Now think about the problems with CSS, Layers, Javascript, Frames,

I know this is not impossible to solve since my company actually does
this... I know how big a job this is to get right. :-)

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