Re: [htdig] Higher Preference to certain link types

Torsten Neuer (
Fri, 16 Jul 1999 08:51:10 +0200

According to Scott Golby:
>Hi there,
> I've setup ht://dig and indexed my site and things are working
>pretty well, excellent program.
> The question I have is how to make certain URL types have higher
>preference. For example, (IMHO) a /help/pops.html file off the main
>webserver is just a wee bit more important than Pop Records in a
>/~username type directory. :-)
> Is there a way to preference /, comes before /sub-dir, which
>comes before ~userlevel ?

Hmm.. there are those nice keywords, titles and header levels ;-)

Keywords are doing best for improving rankings in any kind of search
engine. You can also have different keyword meta tags, thus making
rankings different for internal ht://Dig and external crawlers (which
might be appreciated).


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