Re: [htdig] setting uname/pword from config file?

Frank Guangxin Liu (
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 15:17:54 -0500 (EST)

Yours is a better idea!
Now the hard part :-)
Who is going to implement it and when can we have it?

On Thu, 15 Jul 1999, Gilles Detillieux wrote:

> According to Torsten Neuer:
> > According to Frank Guangxin Liu:
> > >I have some ideas about this username/password thing.
> > >We can put those information in a separate file (only
> > >readable to root, or whoever runs the "htdig" task).
> > >The password file can have three columns,
> > >siteURL username password
> > >Multiple lines are allowed so that "htdig" can dig different
> > >sites(URL) with different username/password. This is an improvement
> > >over the old htdig where only ONE username/password can be
> > >specified.
> > >We can also make a special entry for "siteURL" column, say,
> > >a dash "-", or a word "default", which means that this line
> > >(username/password) will be used if no matching siteURL entry
> > >can be found for a site that requires authentication.
> > >
> > >We can even modify the -u option to "htdig". If this option
> > >has : in it (say username:pass), use the old way, otherwise,
> > >treat it as the filename of the password file. If it has a
> > >leading /, treat it as an absolute filename, otherwise, a
> > >filename relative to CONFIG_DIR
> > >
> > >Frank
> >
> > If we are going to use such a file, we could possibly also use
> > existing resources, like the ftp ~/.netrc file. However, this
> > could imply splitting up ht://Dig configuration and access in-
> > formation, which might not be useful.
> I like Frank's suggestion, but rather than forcing the user to use a
> separate file, I'd prefer to see this as a conventional htdig attribute,
> whose value is a list of string triplets. E.g.:
> site_passwords: pattern1 username1 password1 \
> pattern2 username2 password2
> Then, if the user prefers a separate file, this would work:
> site_passwords: `/etc/htdig/sitepasswd`
> where the file could be a list of space or tab separated triplets:
> pattern1 username1 password1
> pattern2 username2 password2
> This is more consistent with the way the configuration file is currently
> handled. Of course, this may change if we implement the <URL ...>
> mechanism for site-specific configurations.
> The important thing would be for the documentation to recommend using
> a separate file for this attribute, and to recommend emphatically that
> in any case, files that contain clear-text passwords should always be
> read-protected.
> For handling the default case, you could just use a pattern that would
> be sure to match, e.g:
> http:// defuser defpassword
> and leave it to htdig to pick the first pattern that matches. As long
> as patterns are arranged from strictest to loosest, you can get htdig
> to do what you want. (This is how the case statement in the Bourne
> shell works.) Of course, we could also allow regular expressions,
> as we do now with a lot of patterns in the 3.2 code.
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