[htdig] Patches

Gabriel Fenteany (gfenteany@rics.bwh.harvard.edu)
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 12:06:26 -0400

Hello, O Great Gods of the *Only* Free Search Engine Even Worth Considering.

Would it be possible to create a patch section with some information and
explanation of the uses of each patch for those of us for whom implementing
ht://Dig is on-the-job training in UNIX? In other words, for those of us
who the sysadmins were stupid enough to entrust installation of ht://Dig to?

I want to implement the recent "case_sensitive" patch but am afraid of
messing things up. My UNIX experience was next to nil before I took on
installation of ht://Dig, and my programming experience is limited to a
class in Basic in high school. (I got an "A," by the way, although I am not
too convinced I learned much...the teacher was a math teacher who liked to
race cars and drink - a volatile mix that led to a crash after I graduated.
He taught this class to earn a little extra money to support his habits.
But, yeah, I know I'm pretty lame for not having followed up by learning
Perl and C++; hey, I've been busy with *other* things over the years.)

Thanks a bunch and with much appreciation for your efforts over the years,

Gabriel Fenteany
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