[htdig] Absolute links.

Marcin Owsiany (porridge@lo4.ids.bielsko.pl)
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 18:58:13 +0200

I am using wget for about half a year now and i think it is a great tool (at
least the best one i have seen so far).
However there is an important (at least for me) feature, that it lacks.
It does have a -k option which nicely converts all links to relative format,
but i also need an option which would convert them to absolute format.
For example:

there is a file "index.html" looking like this:

| |
| <a href="file1.html">text1</a> |
| <a href="/dir/file2.html">text2</a> |
| <a href="../dir2/file3.html">text</a>|
| |
| |

the file is located like this:

i download it using wget (no recursion) and i would like the links to change

is such feature going to be implemented soon? if not, please consider doing
so, it would greatly ease my work...

kind regards,


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